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Explore the Florida Everglades
Take an Airboat Ride with us - You're gonna love it. Professional and USCG certified Airboat Captains. Airboat Safety is our first Priority

All of our Airboat captains are professional and USCG certified. Most of our captains grew up in the Everglades; some are 4th and 5th generation Floridians. This means that they know how to keep you safe from the wild life and other natural dangers that are in the Everglades. They also know their way around the everglades well, ensuring that we never have an airboat that gets lost.
Airboat safety is our first priority. While we want you to thoroughly enjoy your excursion into the Florida Everglades, at the same time we want you to come back safely. Therefore, before any airboat leaves our facility on a tour, we go through a detailed airboat safety checklist.
First, our airboats are inspected daily, not weekly or monthly. We only use the safest airboats and equipment, but we do realize that problems can occur on a daily basis. This is why our captains and their crews do a thorough inspection each morning before we open.
Another aspect of airboat safety that we take into consideration is the weather. Florida has an unpredictable climate and is one of the leading states for lighting strikes, so we do not take chances with your safety when it comes to the weather. We will only send out an airboat tour when we feel it is safe to do so, and if the weather makes it unsafe we will cancel our trips to keep you, our valued customers, safe at all times.
Another way that we ensure our customers that we take airboat safety seriously are through the safety equipment on our airboats. Each vessel is equipped with well-stocked first aid kits, communication capabilities, and enough flotation devices for each guest. This ensures your safe return every time.