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Another way that we ensure our customers that we take airboat safety seriously is through the saftey equipment on our airboats. Each vessel is equiped with well-stocked first aid kits, communication 
capabilities and enough flotation devices for each guest. Not only that but we only hire captains who grew up in the Everglades. This means they know how to keep you safe from the wild life and other 
natural dangers that are in the Florida Everglades.
 They also know their way around the Everglades well, ensuring that we never have an airboat that gets lost. Finally, all of the airboat captains are USCG certified. In Florida it is the law to be a  U.S Coast Guard Captain. So buyer beware and make sure the company that you are dealing with shows you their captains licence upon request.
Our head airboat captain and owner is Captain Shawn Meiman, he is a licenced and insured airboat captain whose family has been living in Florida for five generations, so he knows the area well. He instructs all of his other captains in airboat safety protocols, ensuring that the crew always keeps safety in the forefront of their minds.