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PRIVATE Airboat Rides and Tour Rates

We accept the following Credit Cards

Children under 6 years of age ride for free.
Children between 6-12 years of age ride for half price.
You may call Capt. Shawn Meiman at 954-330-3093.

All tours and rides are private for just you and your group. Our air boat tours are custom tailored to all of your needs. We are not a tourist trap, we are the real thing and the everglades is our back yard. Book a trip today with Fort Lauderdale Airboat Adventure  where the pavement ends and the adventure begins.

Saw Grass Package: One hour intro package Airboat ride thru the everglades for two people on your private tour. This package is approximately a 10 to 15 mile round trip journey thru the Florida everglades. This tour is limited due to the one hour time frame and you may not be able to see everything. (Saw Grass package summer time package offered only June 1st thru September 30th )

Includes 2 adults $ 250.00
Additional persons $ 75.00 each

Cypress Package: Two hour tour package our most popular tour for two people on your private boat. This package is approximately a forty mile round trip thru the river of grass and it gives you enough time to reach the backcountry of the true everglades were you may experience much more wildlife, birds, plant life, aquatic life and larger alligators.

Includes two adults $ 375.00

Additional persons $ 75.00 each

River Of Grass Package: Three hour tour package for two people on your private boat. This package is for the adventures who really want to spend that extra time viewing wildlife, going to the everglades islands, cruising the waterways for big gators and spending that extra time in nature taking photographs and home movies. This tour covers over 35 miles of beautiful terrain in the Florida Everglades.

Includes two adults $ 475.00

Additional persons $ 75.00 each

Famous Sunset Tour Package!
An incredible sunset on the Everglades experience.

1 hr. 15 min Tour

1-2 person $275      

1-3 person $300

4-5 person $400






Standard Alligator Hunt. OUR TAGS AND LICENSES COST $3,000.00 - Includes one night of alligator hunting for TWO persons (Resident or Non-Resident), all necessary licenses, tags, transportation by airboat, two guides, one night lodging and meals for One alligator (Less than NINE feet). The client would receive the whole alligators tagged for transportation. The cost of processing is not included on this hunt. However, we can process the alligator for you.
Gator Hunts
Capt. Shawn is a licensed Nuisance Alligator Trapper for the Florida Fish and Game Conservation Commission. He has removed hundreds of alligators from backyards, swimming pools, carports, canals, bays, inlets and any other imaginable places alligator can hide.
In 2003, the Game Comm. passed a new rule that allows the public to purchase an agent's license, which falls under the trapper's license, ride with a trapper and participate in the capture of a nuisance gator. This allows the trappers to book hunts, no different than booking a hunt out west. About 95% of the hunting will be done at night when gators are most active. The most commonly used method is the handheld harpoon, a headlight, and a very quiet, stealthy approach.
THIS IS A HUNT OF A LIFETIME, so bring your camera.
Price of hunt per individual:

$1000.00 a night

$2750.00 for 3 nights

Price allows individual 1 Alligator up to 8 feet. A trophy fee of $50.00 per ft. on Alligators 8’ 1” & above. A processing fee of $10.00 per ft and $3.00 per pound for packaged/boxed meat.te

Gator Boys Alligator rescue

You and a guest will accompany and assist Capt. Shawn and one of Animal planets Gator Boys on a real life gator rescue. After the rescue you will be able to name the alligator you rescued and take photos with the group and your alligator. Participant must purchase State of Florida Asst trappers license  ($51.00) and sign a waiver of liability.

$3,500.00 for two people 






Ultimate Night Fishing Adventure...

Our nighttime Freshwater Bowfishing Adventure is our most popular charter due to the amazing scenery and non-stop action. Follow along through the Florida Everglades  narrow blackwater creeks while shooting and spearing Tilapia, Spotted Gar, Long Nose Gar and many other non game species. Your adventure includes all necessary equipment, snacks and beverages. Kids welcome too!

$595 4 hours